OVES Memorials

OVES Memorials

In Memory of Harold O’Connor 20 years of dedicated service So others may live.

Plaque of honor inside WN-91

WN-91 dedicated to Harold O’Connor

 For his many years of dedicated service to the Ontario community and Ontario Volunteer Emergency Squad. You are well loved and greatly missed. Thank you to your family for sharing you with us. Your memory lives on.

In Memory of Patricia Campisi 1942-1987

This tribute is made to Patricia Campisi who died 10/21/87 in the line of duty serving others. It is given in grateful appreciation for her dedication to those in need.

Her knowledge of emergency needs was extraordinary and her Compassionate and caring manner towards people in distress will be long remembered by those who served with her on Ontario Volunteer Emergency Squad

Robert Mogray 1925-1993

This tribute is made in memory of Robert Mogray A charter member of Ontario Volunteer Emergency Squad

Bob volunteered many years of active riding service with OVES As an honorary member his dedication and loyalty to the squad was extraordinary

He will be greatly missed by both his friends at OVES and the community.

January 8,1929- January 22,1990 In tribute to S. Roger Morse

For his dedication to helping others in their time of need.

Roger volunteered five years of active riding service with Ontario Volunteer Emergency Squad.

He made a lot of friends along the way and his sense of humor brought smiles to the people around him. He will be greatly missed.

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